Creating one-of-a-kind
contemporary wall art,
cutting boards, cheese boards and
custom wood products
featuring the end grain of
exotic hardwoods.

As a design school graduate, my career as a designer provided a strong, creative foundation for my career as an artist. By combining my disciplined, problem-solving approach to the creative process with my expertise in woodworking, I developed a unique art form that features the end grain of exotic hardwoods. Like the artist who paints with oils, I paint with wood and the vast selection of hardwood species from around the world with their remarkable and distinctive patterns, colors and configurations of their growth rings, visible only in the end grain, becomes
my artist’s palette.

In 2011, I began making cutting boards. As my woodworking skills developed and my creative designs and production methods became more complex, my cutting boards began to look more like works of art. In this process, I saw the opportunity to introduce the world to the intricate, natural beauty of the striations in the growth rings – or end grain – where each hardwood species gracefully displays its own distinctive color and characteristic “fingerprint”. Exotics like Bubinga, Padauk, Purple Heart, Wenge, Yellow Heart, Zebrawood, Nogal, Sapele, Lacewood offer
a tasty assortment of visual flavors to the artist’s palette. Most of the world has never seen the beauty hidden in the end grain, much less has known that such beauty, especially in exotic hardwoods, even exists! Thus, the birthing of my EndGrainArt!

Creating art is a spiritual experience allowing the infinite creativity of the divine in each of
us to express our irresistible impulse to create something beautiful. And each of these amazing creations becomes deliciously authentic expressions of our deepest selves.

Jeff Rogalski